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Transparent Pricing for Deeds and Document Services

Lee County Document Preparation, Inc

Fee Sheet

Residential Property Quitclaim Deed

Quit Claim Deeds, Enhanced Life Estate Deeds, Warranty Deeds & Deedbacks:

Prepare Deed = $225.00 each

Record Deed = $18.50 each ($8.50 for each additional page over 1 + $1.00 per name over 4)

Documentary Stamps* (.007 X sales price/consideration - minimum 70 cents) = $.............

Obtain copy of prior deed of record = $25.00 (if you do not provide a copy with your request)

Courier Fee for Recording = $25.00 (for first document, $10.00 for each additional)

Title Search Fee (Timeshare) = $125.00 per chain of title; Required for deeding back through our office.

Title Search Fee (General Real Estate; Residential or Commercial) =$295.00

Additional Processing: 3 or more current owners in different locations = $75.00

Additional Processing: payment confirmation required = $125.00

Additional Processing: send deed to seller, bill to buyer =$25.00

Rush Fee =$100.00

Courier Recording = $50.00 + recording fees

Online Notarization = $150.00

Real Estate Deeds


Prepare Affidavit = $225.00 each

Record Affidavit = $18.50 each ($8.50 for each additional page over 1)

Obtain copy of prior deed of record = $25.00 (if you do not provide a copy with your request)


Mobile Home Transfer**:

Single-Wide Transfer of Title= $350.00

Double-Wide Transfer of Title = $450.00

Triple-Wide Transfer of Title = $550.00

Obtain Duplicate Title(s) = Equal to fees above (if you do not provide the originals for transfer)

These fees are for the mobile home title transfer only, which are charged in addition to the costs associated with preparing a deed to transfer the land.
Additional Information

Additional Information:

If you are transferring timeshare property, please contact the resort and/or management company to determine if they will be assessing any additional fees associated with this transfer.

*Please note that Documentary Stamps are figured on whole numbers that are always rounded up to the next $100.00 (example – $645.00 sales price/consideration = $700.00 X .007 = $4.90 Documentary Stamps or $.00 sales price/consideration = $.00 x .007 = $.70 Minimum Documentary Stamps)

***Fees listed above are provided for the purpose of estimating total costs only. Your invoice will reflect your actual total charges, which may differ from the estimation of costs. We cannot provide actual costs until we process the actual request.***