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Lee County Document Preparation in Fort Myers, FL

Do you need diverse legal and estate planning services in Fort Myers, FL? You can trust Lee County Document Preparation. In addition to our top-notch property search and title services, we offer a comprehensive suite of other services to meet all your legal document needs.
Residential Property Quitclaim Deed

Lady Bird Deed Form

Ensure a seamless transfer of your property with our lady bird deed form service. This specialized legal document, also known as an Enhanced Life Estate Deed, allows you to maintain control over your property during your lifetime while ensuring a smooth transition to your heirs upon your passing. Our experts will guide you through the process, upholding your wishes.

Real Estate Deeds

Warranty Deed Services

When it comes to property transactions, a warranty deed is vital to guarantee the property’s title is clear and marketable. Our warranty deed services provide peace of mind, knowing that your property transfer is executed correctly and legally.
Enhanced Life Estate Deeds

Affidavit of Trustee

Whether you need an Affidavit by Surviving Spouse, Affidavit by Surviving Joint Tenant or Affidavit Trustee, our experienced team will assist you in drafting, notarizing….
Document Preparation

Estate Planning Services

Planning for the future is essential. Our estate planning services encompass wills, trusts, and power of attorney documents to safeguard your assets and ensure your loved ones are taken care of according to your wishes.
mortgage icon

Satisfaction of Mortgage

A document that proves the borrower has paid off the mortgage in full, and that the mortgage is no longer a lien on the property.


Document Preparation

Recording Documents

Recording Death Certificates, Power of Attorney’s, Notice of Commencement, Mobile Home Transfers (Lee County only) and Termination of Commencement.
Document Preparation
In Fort Myers, FL, Lee County Document Preparation is your trusted partner for all your property and legal document needs. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to serving the Fort Myers community with professionalism and integrity. Contact Lee County Document Preparation today to explore our other services and journey toward a secure, well-planned future.